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Elevate Leadership Training 

Mission Statement: 

To restore, train, and equip HEALTHY servant-leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. 

Who is this for? 

All those who aspire to elevate their influence and become more effective leaders both inside the four walls of the Church and in the Marketplace. 


Those looking for spiritual and practical training for the five-fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher) 

Elevate Leadership Training will teach you how to use Kingdom-based instruction and practical training relevant to daily living to encourage spiritual and personal growth. In this course you will become a more effective influencer inside the church and in the marketplace, you will also receive impartation and engage with world-class influencers from around the globe via live digital sessions. Upon completing this course, you will receive a certificate of competition for the Elevate School of Leadership and gain eligibility to be considered for licensing and ordination.

The course will be led by Pastor Dexter Howard, founder of The Restoration Place Church and Howard International Ministries. Guest instructors will also contribute.

Course Schedule:

All sessions are every 4th Wednesday at 7:30-8:45pm EST

In Person and Virtual


Orientation Session:  February 23, 2022

Session One kicks off March 23, 2022


Module 1:  Discovering and Understanding Servant Leadership

Module 2:  Discovering and Understanding the Kingdom


Module 3: Discovering and Understanding the Supernatural 

Graduation & Certification Day:  Sunday, August 7th, 2022 | Elevate Sunday  (Ignite Conference)